Welcome To Farm Garden Hotel

There is the Farm Garden Hotel in Izu Peninsula which is a famous sightseeing spot in Japan.

Japanese Izu is place to attract very much to spend a vacation.The reason is because Izu having a mountain and the sea can enjoy scuba diving and a hot spring and sea bathing and hiking.And the west of Izu Peninsula can look around Mt.Fuji which is the one of Japanese symbols.


There is the Farm Garden Hotel which the ceramicist runs near immediately from the western sea of the Izu Peninsula.There is Farm Garden Hotel in the best place as a stronghold to enjoy Izu.


We grow chemical-free vegetables at a farm next to the hotel.You can enjoy the barbecue which you used the vegetables for.We guide the Japanese restaurant which a Japaese recommends to the visitor who came from anyone other than Japan.Izu has a lot of popular restaurants.The reason is because Izu can harvest the fresh fish and shellfish and the Wasabi of ingredient of famous sushi as Japanese foods.