The Choice of the Stay Plan

Farm Garden B&B Free Breakfast Plan 6800 YEN /per person

    The meal charges at the restaurant are not included in a hotel bill.

We guide the Japanese restaurant which the Japanese recommends to the visitor who came from anyone other than Japan. Izu has a lot of popular restaurants. The reason is because Izu can harvest the fresh fish and shellfish and the Wasabi of ingredient of famous Susi as Japanese foods. Of course we introduce some restaurants which an owner chose because we want you to eat not only the Sushi but also really dellicious Japnese foods.

We take you to the restaurant if you make reservations beforehand.

popular restaurant guide

Farm Garden STANDERD Barbecue Plan  9300 YEN/ per person


Farm Garden SEAFOODS Barbecue Plan 10600 YEN / per person

Breakfast / Free smorgasbord

We prepare such a breakfast free.